On this slot machine the reels don’t actually spin, instead all the symbols tumble into positions on the reels. The Da Vinci Diamonds slot is themed on the time of the renaissance in the art world that took place 500 years ago in Europe. Up until that time, great works of art and rare precious stones were something that only the royalty or very rich could appreciate but the renaissance brought these treasures into the lives of the public at large and the names of the artists started to become well known, if not famous. The slot machine pays tribute to the endeavours of those that took part in this change in our history and have as symbols on the reels, precious gems, works of art from the period and some of the artists that created them and include the Mona Lisa, probably the most famous of all the masterpieces and Leonardo Da Vinci, the painter.

The tumbling symbols on this slot have turned out to be a popular feature, probably due to the fact that if one of the symbols becomes a winner, it drops from its position to let a replacement take its place and if that replacement also becomes a winner, both wins will be paid.

Obviously when there are 2 wins that can be won from just one paid ‘spin’ of the reels, the slot machine is going to be popular but when you add to that a pretty remarkable bonus round, the slot machine is likely to become very popular and that is the case with this slot machine.

The bonus round is not perhaps remarkable because it awards 6 free spins when it is triggered as many slots do that with some even awarding more than 6 free spins. Neither is the round remarkable because it allows the round to be retriggered, as there are a few other slots that also allow that. What does make this bonus round remarkable though, is the fact that where other slot machines have rounds that can be retriggered, their maximum number of free spins permitted, is not as high as the amazing 300 that this slot machine has.

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