These slots have an Irish theme and so as the Irish believe in the luck of the wishing well, those wells are featured in one of the bonus rounds. The Rainbow Riches slot does not just feature wishing wells in one of its bonus rounds but also features them as symbols on the reels along with, Leprechauns and pots of gold, all of which can trigger different bonus rounds.

To trigger the wishing wells bonus round, you must get 3 or more of the wishing well symbols on the reels and when you do, the round consists of you choosing one of those wishing wells on display, so that it can reveal your win. Although the round can be triggered by just 3 of the symbols, if it is triggered with 4, the prize will be higher which means of course, triggering the round with 5 of the wishing well symbols will lead to an even bigger win.

The road to riches is another of the bonus rounds and it is this one which is triggered by 3 or more of the leprechaun symbols appearing on the reels. Once this round is triggered, you will be required to try and follow a Leprechaun as he leads you down an Irish country lane. The amount that you win will be dependent on how far along the lane you are able to go. The largest win in this round will be paid out if you are able to follow the Leprechaun to the end of his lane. If you triggered the round with just 3 leprechaun symbols, reaching the end of the lane will earn you a multiplier of 200 but if you trigger the round with 4, that win will be greater and triggering the round with 5, and then by reaching the end of the lane, the pay-out will be a multiplier of 500.

The third bonus round is triggered when you get 3 pots of gold symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4 and once triggered, you choose a pot from several but they will all contain a multiplier that is between times 50 and times 500.

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