This slot machine is themed on the renaissance in the art world which had Leonardo Da Vinci as its most famous artist. The Da Vinci Diamonds slot also places recognition on the fact that it was during the renaissance that precious gems like diamonds became a thing that commoners could own, just like the great masterpieces could. Gems are therefore some of the symbols on the reels, as are some of the great work of art such as the Mona Lisa and their famous creators like Leonardo himself.

This lot machine could itself become something of a renaissance, this time in the world of dolt machines, as it has a couple of unique features that are turning out to be very popular, perhaps inspiring replication. One of these features is the fact that the reels do not spin in the traditional manner, instead the symbols tumble into their places. What is perhaps popular about this feature is the fact that if one of the symbols is used to create a winning combination, it drops from its position on the reels allowing a new symbol to tumble into its place. Of course the popular thing about this is, if the new symbol also makes part of a winning combination, that win is also paid giving 2 wins from just one ‘spin’.

The other feature that makes this slot stand out from others is the fact that the bonus round can be retriggered. The bonus round awards the player with 6 free spins but if it is again retriggered whilst those 6 free spins are being played, a further 6 free spins will be added to the free spins already remaining. Although a bonus round being able to be retriggered may not be entirely unique as other slots also boast the feature, the fact that the round can keep being retriggered until you reach a maximum of 300 free spins, is not something that is featured on other slots, not even the ones that do have retriggered bonus rounds, allow the free spins to reach such a high number.

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