These slot machines only have 3 reels and 3 pay lines but they are certainly matching the bigger machines in popularity and have created a big bang in the world of slot enthusiasts. The Big Bang slots are small in terms of the number of reels they have and the number of pay lines that they have but they are not small when it comes to pay outs, easily matching many of the bigger slots with their multitude of pay lines.

These slot machines are named after the big bang of the universe and so during the playing of the game, different images are shown displaying the different looks around the universe which the big bang is responsible for. This imagery provides an interesting and exciting backdrop to the excitement that the game itself provides. A bright sun symbol is the wild symbol and it can replace any of the other symbols which are of more traditional cherries and bars. By replacing the other symbols, the sun can provide a multitude of wins and each of these wins could receive a multiplier, as indicated by a multiplier metre located to the side of the reels. This multiplier metre starts out showing a multiplier of x 1 and doubles to x 2 when you get a win. If you immediate follow that win with another win, the multiplier will double to show a multiplier of x 4 and again double every time you get a consecutive win, up to a total o x 32. This multiplier can obviously provide some great wins, providing that they are consecutive as any loss returns the metre to x1. Even so though, with the wild creating a large number of wins, many of them will be consecutive in nature.

It is not only the ever changing multiplier that can provide some great wins, there are also some other high paying combinations that award some interesting and profitable pay outs, including ones that pay out up to 6000 coins for just one win and the combination of big wins and the multiplier, are what makes these slots so popular.

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