These slot machines may break with the standard features of the traditional slots but with their colourful bursts of excitement seem to have found a popularity as great as any of the more traditional slots. The Starburst slots provide fast action and are bright, features that seem to be appealing to both the traditional slot enthusiasts and game players in general.

One of the features on these slots that perhaps add to the fast action experienced when you them, is the fact that any symbol on the reels, not only the wild symbols, can be stacked. With a symbol on a reel being stacked, perhaps as high as 3 heights, means that these particular symbols are, at that time, easier to match up with other like symbols, creating a higher potential for receiving wins. Obviously if the wild symbol is stacked, then a win is even more likely than it would be if a regular symbol only, was stacked. The different symbols on the reels of these slots are the BAR, 7, and jewels coloured Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue and Purple, plus a symbol with the starburst logo which is the wild symbol. Although the wild symbol is of course the one that every player will want to see the most of, it only appears on the 3rd, 4th and 5th reels however, possibly making up for the fact that it is missing from 2 reels, when it does appear on one of the last 3 reels, it provides a re-spin and for this re-spin, the wild will hold its ground, meaning it could once again provide a win and when it does, that win will also be added to your others, steadily increasing your credit total.

Some people may be surprized at the popularity of these slots as they are so diverse from other slots and considering that they have no jackpots let alone progressive jackpots but they shouldn’t be as, fast action and bright sparkling lights are always an attraction and who needs jackpots when, on any one regular spin, you can win as much as 12,500 coins.

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