Although this slot machine does not actually have a progressive or any other kind of jackpot, the winnings can be astronomical with wins up to 12,500 coins. The Starburst slot is a bright and shinning slot machine that can provide bursts of wins at any time.

This is a video slot with a difference and provides very fast action partly due to the fact that winning lines can be red right to left as well as the usual left to right that most other slot machines are restricted to. The excitement that the slot provides intensifies with wilds that can be stacked, not only making the wins easier to acquire but also keeping the action fast and intense.

The symbols on this slot have been kept simple but bright and include jewels that are coloured Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue and Purple whilst other symbols include BAR, 7 and the Starburst logo. Of these symbols, it is the starburst logo which is the wild and so is the symbol that you will probably most likely want to see the most of. One of the peculiar and perhaps unique features on this slot machine, is the fact that any of the symbols can be stacked, perhaps having as many as three of any symbol stacked on one reel. This ability for any of the symbols to be stacked can contribute to the wins becoming easier to obtain, increasing the winning potential of the slot machine. The winning possibilities are so potentially high with this feature that it is in fact possible to acquire two wins at the same time and if this does happen whilst you are playing, the highest paying win will automatically be the one that you receive.

The wild symbol, the starburst logo, appears on reels 3, 4 and 5 and whenever one appears on any of these reels, a re-spin will automatically follow it, meaning that you get a second chance of a win without having to pay any extra. Any winnings that are won during the re-spins will be added to your total credits holdings, which should, with the regularly stacked symbols and the re-spins, be steadily increasing.

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