When you play this slot machine one feature will immediate stand out and that is the multiplier on beside the reels. On the Big Bang slot, this multiplier starts as reading x1 but if you get a win it will increase to x 2. If you get another win straight after that first one, the multiplier will increase to x 4 and keep doubling in size every time you get one win after another. This multiplier though, will return to its original x 1 if you get a losing spin, it only increases when the wins are consecutive but that still means the multiplier can have a big impact on your overall winnings.

The slot machine probably does not get its name from the big impact that the multiplier gives the game but more likely due to the images from across the universe that it provides whilst you are playing, these images create an exciting and interesting vision of what the big bang theory is all about, adding to a sense of wonderment whilst playing.

This slot machine provides a break from the other look alike modern slots that have an almost compulsory 5 reels and multiple pay lines, as it only has 3 reels with 3 lay lines, making it not only an easy game to play for beginners but also serves as reminder of what older slots once looked like. The lack of winning pay lines or even the missing 2 extra reels do not subtract from the excitement that the machine provides, neither does the lack of a bonus round seem to affect the slot’s popularity.

Apart from the magnificent imagery that this slot machine has, its ability to award some very high pay outs affords this slot machine a popularity that is usually only enjoyed by 5 reel slots. Of course added to the prospect of winning as much as 6000 coins on one spin, the added prospect of getting the multiplier to increase to x 32, is also a factor that could add to the slot’s popularity.

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