At one time the bar was a very popular symbol on the reels of slot machines and almost seemed like it was obligatory for them to be there but then, all of a sudden, they seemed to disappear for what many thought may have been forever. However, the Starburst Slot has reawakened the bar as a symbol on its reels and although that cannot be held responsible for the slots rapid popularity alone, perhaps reminiscent players do account for a little bit of that popularity.

What is known for certain is that this slot machine is full of colour, sparkle and dazzle and it has a sound track that equally matches its sparkling dazzle and lights. Although from the start of play there are bright lights flashing and colourful symbols on the reels, when you get certain combinations appear on the reels, the flashing lights and accompanying noise go up several levels more, almost taunting the adrenalin to pump. The bright lights do perhaps mirror image the fast and furious action on the reels though.

There is no high paying progressive that this slot can boast of just fast action and a hopefully equally fast succession of wins and to help those wins in coming, there are several special features. Stackable, regular symbols are perhaps unique to this slot machine but they can account for quite a large number of wins. When one symbol is stacked, which can be as many as 5 high, the symbol will stay in place for at least one free re-spin but could remain in place for as many as 3.

Another feature that can help the wins in coming quickly is the wild symbol and although most slot machines have wild symbols, not so many of them have stackable wilds like this slot does and that is certainly a big help when it comes to obtaining wins.

Although this slot machine may seem a lot of razzle and dazzle, it is very popular and some of that popularity may also be due to the fact that you can bet as much as 100 coins per spin, which can of course result in some big wins.

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