El Dorado is the legendary city of gold spoken of by the Indians native to South America. The Gonzo’s Quest slot is themed on the Spanish Conquistador Gonzalo Pizarro’s unsuccessful search for the lost city in 1541. The theme therefore has a very South American flavour and the graphics and sound effects echo this theme by having jungle sounds like animal noises in the background as you play.

This slot machine does not have the traditional reels like other slots instead it has rock symbols that avalanche into place. Although there is a free fall symbol which is the scatter, most of the symbols on the rocks are traditional Native American ones like the Fire Idol, the Fish Stone Mask, Moon Stone Mask, the Health Idol, Snake, Alligator and Bird Idols. All the time that these rocks are avalanching into place, Gonzo is watching your progress from beneath them and either dances with joy or makes faces, depending on what combinations the rocks avalanche into.

There are 21 possible winning combinations which the rocks can fall into and when you get one of these, the participating rocks will crumble, allowing the remainder of the rocks to drop down one place and a new rock to appear at the top. If the new positions of the rocks create another win, not only will that new win be paid but it will have a multiplier of x 2. If the same thing happens again that win will receive a multiplier of x 3 and if any more subsequent wins should occur without interruption, a multiplier o x 5 will greet the wins.

Of the different symbols on the rocks, the Moon symbol is the highest payer earning you an amazing 2,500 coins if you get 5 of them but another popular symbol is the free fall symbol which when you get 3 or more can trigger the free falls bonus round. In this round you are awarded 10 free falls during which a multiplier will be applied to any wins and that multiplier can steadily increase until it reaches x 15.

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