Ice hockey may be a popular enough game but these slot machines that are themed on the game, have gained popularity not just with hockey enthusiasts but also slot enthusiasts, perhaps making them more popular than the actual game played on ice. The Breakaway slot combines the excitement of a hockey game with the suspense and thrills of a modern slot machine, to provide some all-around fun and entertainment, plus of course some winnings we hope.

The sound track and videos will provide an atmosphere akin to that at an ice hockey game whilst the symbols on the reels also maintain the theme and include a flaming puck, players, referees, goals and even an ice cleaning machine, the break away logo is also featured and it is that which is the wild symbol.

The wild symbol on these slots is even more useful than it is on other slot machines as it has the capability to be stacked. As well as being able to replace other symbols on the reels in order to provide you with a steady flow of wins, the wild symbols can be stacked on reels 3, 4 and 5 which means, at those times, there may be no less than 40 wild symbols in all, on the reels and all those wilds must add up to at least one win if not more.

The flaming puck is the scatter symbol and once again, this scatter symbol plays a bigger role than it does on many slot machines. As well as providing the opportunity to win with multiples of x 10 when you get consecutive wins, if you get 5 of them showing on the reels, they can earn you an astounding 12,500 coins.

The players of course, aren’t to be left out and so they may be seen smashing into reels 2, 3 or 4 and when they do, the action starts in the form of the reel which they smash in to, having all its symbols turned to wilds, paving the way for a guaranteed win.

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