This slot machine is based on the big bang theory and so, as with the big bang, you continuously move through space. The Big Bang slot has very impressive special effects making you feel at times as if you really are zooming through space along with suns, stars and planets. The sound effect, namely the music seems to be very apt for the atmosphere which is created as you play.

Surprisingly for a modern slot machine, this one has no bonus round but that has not seemed to affect its popularity as it rapidly became popular on release and that popularity has not abated since. Perhaps this is due to a perhaps unique special feature that it does have. The exciting special feature on this slot machine is a multiplier meter. This is a meter to the side of the reels that displays a multiplier. The meter starts at 1 but if you receive win, it will double to read 2. If your first win is then immediately followed by another win, the meter will double, now reading 4. If a win is once again forthcoming, the meter will jump to 8. This process continues with the meter next jumping to 16 and then to 32 and every time that you do get a win, it is subject to a multiplier the size of that displayed on the meter and so your wins can become progressively higher each time. Unfortunately, the meter only doubles up when you get one win immediately following another and if it doesn’t, the meter returns to 1. Obviously this means that in order to get the really big wins, you need to win repeatedly without a break. The sun symbol is a wild though and even wins using the wild will count as a win to the meter. Other symbols on this slot are of planets and stars, plus of course the almost obligatory cards.

Apart from getting wins which are multiplied by whatever number is showing on the meter, there is a jackpot that can be won and at 6,000 coins, the jackpot is also impressive.

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